Moregrove – a quarry with its eye on the ball


Moregrove – a quarry with its eye on the ball

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Published: 13 April 2017


Here is some information from Lafarge published in the Modern Quarry Magazine in 2014 that you may find interesting and informative


That long-term commitment continues to this day, a case in point being its achievement in the 2014 Lafarge Global Awards where the award-winning project executed under the then team leader and quarry manager Peter Willemse, was chosen as one of the six worldwide winners out of 170 top project submissions from 35 countries.

This project addressed the problem of the high fines content of its stone which was limiting sales of asphalt sand. After investigation, it was found that the quarry’s air separator had the ability to move much of the fine sand particles. The asphalt sand’s quality was improved and a profitable outlet for the recovered fines in the manufacture of bricks, blocks and other precast concrete products was determined. The project’s benefits were enormous and included:

Successful reduction in fines -0,075 mm from 16% to 10%.

The fines were separated and can be blended with another product (-4,75 mm) to produce a blend which is in high demand for brick and block precast producers.

The improvement in fines quality was cost effective.

Low maintenance solution.

At that time, this proactive thinking resulted in R8-million revenue/year and an increase in asphalt sales.