In conjunction with our sister company The Flying Camera we were able to capture this amazing aerial video of the Fisher Air Separator

Shot and edited by Dakota Quarry and Mining Equipment. This video will give insight into the inner workings of an Air Separator, the applications it can be used for, how to assemble  and Air Separator and also how to operate the plant effectively.  

Dakota Quarry & Mining Equipment has launched a sub-division specialising in aerial photography. We offer a perspective from the sky at very competitive rates. We can supply you with aerial shots of your quarry, mine or ready mix plant. We also can give you accurate volumetric measurements of your stockpile or quarry pit. See our

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The Air Separator successfully tested on iron ore. The results of the trials will be posted shortly. Click on the image below to see more pics of the  iron ore trials.

We have launched the Dakota forum. This a place where you can discuss all things to do with crushing, mining and quarry. Here is a link to the forum

Congratulations to Alfa sand , Buildmax and the quarry team on their purchase of the Fisher Air Separator for the the removal of superfines from Plaster Sand They have purchased the 2nd Portable AIR SEPARATOR In South Africa and are expecting big things from the products that are now in spec, and in addition they

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